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Hucci is paying a total of L$50,000 for high quality pictures of new mesh items from Hucci over the past year. You do not have to be a professional photographer to win, just be able to display Hucci products in the best manner possible.  Prizes are cash, with the exception of honorable mentions which means you can spend your winnings in any way you please.


Grand Prize
L$ 25,000 Cash
Photo displayed at Hucci

Second Place
L$15,000 Cash
Photo displayed at Hucci

Third Place
L$ 10,000 Cash
Photo displayed at Hucci

Honorable Mention
L$1000 Hucci Gift Card

● Products from Hucci should be the main focus of the image.
● Pictures must be posted to Flickr, tagged HucciDec2012, and added to both the Hucci Flickr Group.
●Only the avatar posting the picture will be paid the prize. We will only pay one avatar, if you are splitting the prize that is your responsibility.
● You agree that your image may be displayed Hucci Stores.
● Entries accepted from December 1,2010 until December 31,2012.
● Do not put the Hucci Logo or Hucci in text at all on your pictures please.

Please review previous winners to get an idea of what I like to see in pictures. Clear, concise product placement, with a focus on the avatar and the product.

Previous Winners

Post processing of images allowed, but please no morphs. We want to see beautiful Second Life avatars
Remember we are looking for Autumn/Winter looks.
Previous Hucci Contest Winners are not eligible
Make sure you tag the images HucciDec2012 or they won’t be eligible
Submissions via Second Life will not be accepted
You can wear other content creator items but the focus should be Hucci.

Flickr Group


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DESIR Vera Dress - Group Gift - NEW !!

Vivi has created this dress as December group gift a little bit early to celebrate the revamping of DESIR store and it's new location.

                                                                              ♥ Pily Whitesong ♥

sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

New at Gizza

                                              Gizza - Morning After ( Black ) Lingerie
                                    Avalaible fot E U P H O R I A - L I M I T E D . B A Z A A R - 100 pcs only 100L

                                            Gizza - Skinny Pants - Leather Black ( Mesh )
                                                        ♥ Happy Birthday Gizz x0 ♥

martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

VIOLATOR - New Haute - Bridal Collection 2012 Featuring ' Violator - Ancient Bloom - in Ancient Pink '

                                                Violator - Ancient Bloom - in Ancient Pink

Styling Card : 

Hair : Violator - Casta Diva Chignon - Chocolate
Makeup : Violator - Voyeur  - Violet Black
Lashes : Violator - Voyeur - black
Lipstick : blackLiquid MAKEUP - musk pink gloss
Eyeliner : blackLiquid MAKEUP - needle black liner
Jewels : Violator - Lux Gold - Jewerly Set
Dress : Violator - Amcient Bloom - Ancient Pink 
Pose : Silhouette by BlackLiquid Tokysoka

(Bridal Edition for AVENUE Cinque, now in store!)

NEW YORK CITY presents it’s 1st Annual Birthday Celebration

                                             The ''Golden Apple'' Birthday Celebration
New York City SL, which opened on 11.11.11, is turning 1. The “Fashion Capital of SL” will host a 12 day “Golden Apple” celebration from 12.1.12 to 12.12.12, with 12 thrilling events. Hunt for delectables, adorn yourself for our fashion show, pinch your pennies at our sample sale, stretch before dancing in sync with our flash mob, and pull out your most mysterious mask for our murder mystery masquerade ball. We have enlisted a live radio station, What Radio, to cover all 12 days, and partnered with Flair for Events to spread the word.

WIN L$12,000: King/Queen of NEW YORK CITY Sweepstakes
Commuters, Residents and Vendors are all encouraged to enter into our King/Queen of the City Sweepstakes which includes a L$12,000 Shopping Spree package. During our event avi’s can take a photo anywhere on our sim, with at least one item purchased from our shops, and post it to our Flickr Group ( The most fashionably creative avi will get a posh new apartment in New York City SL, and publicity. The sweepstakes ends on 12.11.12 and the winner will be announced on 12.12.12. For details and rules visit on 12.1.12.

Beginning 12.12.12 we are launching a Golden Apple hunt. 12 "Golden Apples" will be hidden around the sim. Missy (missqwerty.pevensey) of Flair for Events, infamously know for American Bazaar, Swag Fest and The Pink Ribbon Fair will be leading the charge!  There will be a maximum of 20 Apples available, with 12 of the "Golden Apples" holding the most expensive items. Hints will be released on the eve of 12.1.12 at 12:00 a.m. SLT. on

NEW YORK CITY SL CARES: Hurricane Sandy Relief
Our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy and throughout the events we will be urging our guest to help the RL New York City thrive again. All proceeds from our fundraising will benefit The American Red Cross.  We have an aggressive goal to raise $12,000 USD! New York City SL’s Owner and Architect, Joi Price has already made the first donation of L$12,000. Donations can be made directly on and are tax deductible. Visitors may also participate in our auctions, or get exclusive “NEW YORK CITY Cares” gifts for different levels of contribution.

EVENT CALENDAR: Here is our full calendar of events. Times are subject to change. Please visit  for the most up-to-date schedule.

Saturday    12/1/12        12:00 p.m
Kick Off Party and Fundraiser: Benefitting The American Red Cross and raising awareness about World Aids Day and Hurricane Sandy

Sunday             12/2/12        12:00 p.m.
Bloggers Blast Media Mix & Mingle

Monday        12/3/12        4:00 p.m.
I Love New York Auction: In bed with the ladies of New York City & Spot Light After Party

Tuesday    12/4/12        4:00 p.m.
Flash Mob on Fifth Dance Party

Wednesday    12/5/12        4:00 p.m.
Winter Wonderland Family Dinner & A Movie

Thursday    12/6/12        4:00 p.m.
Fashion on Fifth Live Model Show

Friday        12/7/12        4:00 p.m.
Fan Friday New York City Music Mix

Saturday    12/8/12        12:00 a.m.
Sixty9 Linden Sample Sale Saturday

Sunday        12/9/12        5:00 p.m.
Murder Mystery Masquerade Ball

Monday        12/10/12    4:00 p.m.
Promenade Park Ice Skating

Tuesday    12/11/12    4:00 p.m.
New York City Sounds Poetry Sessions

Wednesday    12/12/12    4:00 p.m.
VIP, Socialites & Media Rooftop Mixer & The "Golden Apple" Hunt Begins

Want to model, write or syndicate New York City news from your blog through us? NEW YORK CITY Magazine is building relationships with writers all over the grid. To become part of the team visit:

For media inquiries please contact us at

Join our group: New York City Commuters


Founded by Joi Price in 2011, The Apple Architects | New York City offers Second Life residents and businesses truly superb builds. Creative designs and a commitment to authenticity, The The Apple Architects | New York City create residential structures such as charming brownstones, classic row houses, cozy apartments and beautiful early 20th century buildings that can be found on both sides of the real-life Central Park. Commercial structures also share the same, strong identity of The Apple Architects | New York City, and custom designs can be crafted with the popular modern look of many of today’s real life commercial buildings. It is a fierce dedication to creative vision and expert building that makes The Apple Architects | New York City, Second Life’s premier architectural firm. Let The The Apple Architects | New York City be the voice of your home or business.

For inquiries or to commission The Apple Architects | New York City for your next project, please contact Joi Price at


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New Release at Gizza

                                                        Gizza Padded Coat - Mesh
 Styling Card :

Lipstick : blackLiquid MAKEUP - blood Gloss
Glasses : Part of BFW - Gizza - Woolen Coat Outfit
Coat : Gizza Padded Coat Red ( new )
Pants : Gizza - Fusion Chic Pants - Black ( included belt&boots )
Pose : by Morphine
                                                                         ♥ Pily Whitesong ♥

viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

New At B&W Hats Accessories by Ayrton Radikal

                                                     Miss Gretel - Pamela Hat ( Mesh )
                      Limo to B&W Hats & Accessories :

Far Away New At Emo-tions

Far Away 
♥ Pily Whitesong ♥

martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

VIOLATOR for Womenstuff Hunts 2012

     Hint : The gift is in a very rich and ''well guarded'' part of the store. Good Luck hunters!!
                                               WomenStuff Hints :