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Blackliquid Tokyoska is one of the most successful Supermodels on SL. Blackliquid has conquered the fashion industry and achieved iconic status around the sl world with her incomparable physique and electrifying presence.With over 160 catwalks and 3 magazine covers to her credit, her success in the cut-throat world of fashion has been down to a combination of astute management and stunning looks. She has walked for the greatest designers on sl. Blackliquid has proved that her talents reach far beyond the realm of being a supermodel.
She continues to surprise adding new achievements to her illustrious career. As a successful entrepreneur, she will launch her own make-up range soon.These business achievements, along with her ongoing modelling engagements ensure that Blacliquid continues to surprise and impress.

 How did you get your first modeling job and what was it like?

BT : My first modeling job was on an old account prior to using blackLiquid, I was to appear on the cover of FEMDOM MAGAZINE, After having been a rl model and then getting a taste for modeling in sl I was hooked!

In your opinion, which campaign marked the beginning of "a new level" in your career and made you one of the most successful feminine models?

BT : Most definitely becoming a Modavia Supermodel, Modavia is Mecca for all high caliber models/stylists to aspire to be part of.
 What kind of assignments, as a model, do you prefer?

BT : I like jobs where I am given a concept to work toward & have the ability to let my imagination run wild.

Do you have a favorite particular style?

BT : My favorite style is my own it's a very personal thing I suppose i like to borrow little bits and pieces from a variety of different sources of inspiration, I love all things eastern & oriental, goth, cyber, nature, the avant garde, art, and androgyny the most at the moment.

What has been the most memorable  job that you have done as a model so far?

BT : The Opening show for Modavia Fashion Week 2010, the buzz and excitement were unlike all else!

Do you have a personal motto that sums up your thoughts about model life in a sentence?

BT : Unique vision, authenticity, hard work and creativity combine to become a Supermodel success.

Your work has been mentioned a lot lately around the sl fashion blogs How does it make you feel to get such great feed-back on your work?

BT : It's fantastic" feedback good or bad is the life source of my work without it the experience of modeling would be dead to me.

3 fashion tips that everyone should know

BT : One, take risks.  Two, avoid wearing "off the rack" looks in your personal styling. Three, be true to your personal sense of style.

What are your plans for the near future?

BT :  Work, work, work, in fact I am busier than usual if only I could clone myself I could get more done!
Working on some top secret very exciting projects for Modavia, AVENUE, FineSmith & Gizza.
 BT : My personal brand "blackLiquid" is about to be launched beginning with blackLiquid MAKEUP, I  have been on a huge buzz since July and there is a tidal wave of work and creative endeavors happening for me right now, I am most certainly enjoying the surf!

Personally i wanna say THANK YOU to Blackliquid....She is a fashion icon actually on sl and im so sure shes'll be a legend forever.
Thanks for your time, it has been a gift to my readers and myself! ♥

                                                                               ♥ PILY WHITESONG ♥

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