martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

♦ Finesmith Designs Red & Gold Hunt ♦

Finesmith Designs Red & Gold Hunt its a stunning hunt !!! ill would say the best of the year on sl ( smiles ) why ?? it's easy !! i found all items i wanted alone so its like wow yet ( grins ) . This hunt its for group members. The group is free to join usually you have to pay 300$L to join so dont miss the last chance of the year to join with us and have the best hunts, gifts and offers only at Finesmith Designs by Yula Finesmith. Im so excited about this post maybe because its my last post of the year and its amazing close this fashion year with this AWESOME HUNT you have to find 13 red ornaments they are around of store and like i said before they are easy to find it . The hunt will be until January 2nd and all hunt is priced between 1$L to 100$L. And belive me you'll love every gift in this hunt. Good Luck !!! Here my two options casual and formal :
Outfit :Morea Style Pily Sweater & Nolween Black Pants
Accesories : Finesmith Designs Red & Gold Hunt
Dress : Gizza BOSL Rouge
Accesories : Finesmith Designs Red & Gold Hunt

                                                                              ♥ Pily Whitesong ♥

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