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♛Meet Miss Universe: Interview With Anna Sapphire ♛

For many girls to be crowned Miss Virtual World is a dream achieved. It is more than that, however. Considering the responsibilities and duties that come with it, it is an honor, putting its holder in the spotlight. For new Miss Virtual World Anna Sapphire, wear the crown is now a reality.
 The MVW pageant is truly held on a worldwide stage. What were your thoughts during the competition?

AS :  During the entire competition I tried to stay focused on every single phase of the contest. I didn't want to stress myself and focused on one challenge at a time. It was an exciting experience, yet the pressures of the competition were among us all.
A few hours before the final event I looked back on the months prior to the finale, and I said to myself, "Ok Anna, here we are. This is what you've been working for and no matter what happens be proud for all you have accomplished".  I thought of  all the people that supported me during the entire competition, especially my husband and my friends.
There are no words to describe the feeling I get by having the most important people of my life supporting and believing in me. They are in my heart and I am the luckiest girl to have them with me.

 What are your goals and dreams for the upcoming year?

AS :  I am working on a couple of projects at this time. I can't relay to you at this time as it's "Top Secret", but I can assure you that everyone will know very soon.
My greatest hope to accomplish is to be worthy of  this title. I want my title of Miss Virtual World 2012 to be remembered not only for my fashion abilities but for one that cares and is willing to help to the best of her abilities the people I call "dreamers": not only those who belong to the fashion world but everybody who may need the help of MVW. I'm not very good with words but I hope my actions will speak instead.
I look forward to my term of Miss Virtual World and when it's time to pay my crown to my successor, I plan to look back on something I can smile and be proud of.
 The MVW competition brings together women from around the globe. What was most exciting for you in meeting these women during the competition?

AS :  One of the most exciting experience through the MVW finals were meeting women from all over the world. Each of them were so unique and special. Strong bonds of friendship were developed through the competition. I was lucky and blessed to have become wonderful friends that will be long lasting.
We were each others supporters during the entire competition, and even to this day the support continues for each other.
It's not easy to explain but the atmosphere wasn't the one you imagine in a competition, everything was about friendship and having fun together. We shared ideas, projects, advices... Something I've never experienced before in a contest.
You and the other Miss Universe contestants were all together at the Patch Auditorium. What was the atmosphere like between you and the other contestants?

AS :  All of us were extremely nervous and excited. The day had finally arrived after several months of anticipation and hard work. Not only did excitement and curiousity fill the auditorium, but the stress and the pressures were among us all. And again friendship was so important and the mutual support.

 What is the best piece of advice that you were given during the entire pageant process?

AS :  "Don't change, you are perfect as you are. Just breathe, focus and do your best" --- Thank you Lou ;)
Did Mr. Frolic Mills speak with you and tell you what he expects of you throughout your reign as Miss Virtual World ?

AS :  No he didn't. I admit I expected something like "I would like you to do this and that" but he didn't ;)
He called me the day after the competition and said "I will always be here for you. This is your reign and you are free to do what you dream. I will never tell you to do things but I will always be here to support you".
 What advice would you give a girl trying to break into the beauty pageant scene?

AS :  My advice is to be humble and honest, take criticism in a constructive way to improve yourself and never give up! If you really love what you do, believe in your possibility to realize your dream, keep working hard and don't give up.
 Is there anything that youd'd like our readers to learn from you?

AS :  I would like to say that I'm here if you need me, just don't be afraid to im me if there is anything I can do for you. And speaking about new models I opened today a group called "Fashion Stairway" that will be devoted to tips, advices and mentoring. I will start soon with workshops and seminars about modeling and everybody is welcome to join. I know what it means to be a new model and feel lost in the fashion industry, so I would like to help sharing my knowledge and experience with this independent group. So... stay tuned for more news ;)) Thank you very much Pily for this beautiful interview and congrats on your amazing blog!

Thanks to you my dear Annita and Congrats again !!!

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