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★ ★ ★ Morea Decosta ★ ★ ★

Anyone who knows fashion, knows that for the last years Morea Decosta has helped to define the modern glamorous SL woman.  I had the opportunity to interview one of the most well known SL designer, the classy, glamorous and beautiful, Morea Decosta. We talked about fashion design, her 2011 Summer collection, what inspires her and much more....
 What made you become interested in fashion design?

MD : As a real fan or clothes in rl, I wanted to wear on sl what I would wear in rl. Since I draw a lot in rl, one day I decided to bring my talent to SL.
  How do you come up with your designs?

MD : When I open photoshop, I just let my imagination spread it wings. Whitout even thinking of something in particular, it just comes to me. I can start doing a daytime dress and end up with a formal dress.

Where does your inspiration stem from?

MD : Nowhere ! It just 'comes' to me. One thing though:  it has to please me more than anything. 2 or 3 times a year I watch fashion shows on tv. But I never started a dress from an existing design.

What do you think of when you start designing a particular dress?

MD :  Nothing! I only start with the idea of creating a formal dress or a casual.
  Your designs go from modern to classic.. What makes your clothing so appealing to so many different generations of women?

MD ::  My clothes are sexy but they have class, and that is what a woman wants. The sexy part will please the younger women and the classy part will please older women.
 You recently introduced a new collection in  SL. What are your plansand goals for this new collection?

This collection was created for summer. So I created outfits with bright colors, flowers, I wanted something 'happy', 'sunny'. Since I create all my textures, it took many hours applying all these little flowers and desings on each dress. I hope that women will enjoy it!
 How do you define your style?

MD : Original and sophisticated

What are your opinions on how women in sl dress?

Each one dress has they like. But I have noticed that some people has no style at all. I see too many similar clothes on sl. This is why I create my layers, my textures, everything.

Some fashion advice for our readers from Morea Decosta

Always adapt our accessories with clothes. It makes the final touch of the ensemble. And try to be original, after all sl is a place to be wild!

It was such an AMAZING experience to be able to interview one of my favorite designers the classy, beautiful, kind and humble Morea Decosta thank you for your time and for everything you know how special you are for me. Good luck now and forever!!! x0 ♥
Thank you to Suzy Wise  Manager of MOREA STYLE for helping to us with the translation of this interview.  It was very much appreciated. xo ♥

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