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❈Soraya Vaher ❈The Femme Side of VIOLATOR

Soraya Vaher is one of the most influential fashion avant garde designers of our time on SL. She tell to us in this interview about her beginnings and her sl style and what the future holds for her. Enjoy it !!  
I am reflected in all my creations, with all my contradictions....and moods... Soraya Vaher

When and how did you start?

SV : We started end of 2008, with full power then at the beginning of 2009

How could you define your style? 

SV : Hybrid, Eclectic, Haute Couture, High Elegance all of that describes it very well. yet avant gardism should be added. but none of that is usually the result by an intention. its the result of the designing if i interprete certain roles i would like to be in. i always see me high elegant so thats a common pattern. the different aspects and transformations of my associations results then automatically in a lot of eclecticism, hybrid style, because I dont like to design for a special category. thats not my inspiration to design. I imagine me or another one in a certain situation, role, theme and design then how i would like to be or wanting see that person  ...
 What did your first designs look like and how did they evolve?

SV : My first design was very cyber haute couture. the next designs have not necessarily to be seen as evolvement but more as diversity of realized different aspects I also liked to do ...

When you create something, what goes through your mind? 

SV : Sometimes sad things, sometimes violent things, a very few times joy. All kind of moods and associatons. personal stuff, all kind of aspects connected with that from literature, movies, theatre, operas or personal experienced situations. sometimes i am inspirated by a material and design then how i would like to look with a gown made out of that, almost always connected to a certain role in an imagined scenery. 

What differentiates you from other designers? 

SV : There are many different designers out there so I would describe more a tendency to most of them which is not necessarily true for every single case or aspect. we, Minx and me we are tendencially much more autonom, independent and innovative. the reason is not that we had intentionally such aspects as main goal. its more a synergetic effect how we are and what comes out then as result. me as well as Minx are pretty much inter categorical for example. I do not design with the background of that it is similar to that what people used to have. i do not create for example a typical cyber gown but also not a typical "cyber gown which has to be different". i just create my own interpretation of how a cyber gown should like. this means somethimes it is less cyber first goal. it is more a synergetic effect of different other aspects. one is for example that we design combine much more all kind of aspects and styles to haute couture. the reason is not that this is our goal. it is more a synergetic effect of how i creat but not as goal. its a synergetic effect of other intentions. if i design for example
In our entire doing. the reason is that this is not our goal but a side effect out of how we are also in rl. we are for example very intercategorical which means that we do neighter fit into a typical artistic category nor into a typical formal couture nor in a typical others what must not be necessarily true for every single case. in relation we are much more innovative, inter categorical and independent. you had for example already before we came out artistic gowns. We are highly innovative and autonom. we are that because we dont serve certain categories. I never had for example the intention to do something artistic. thats a side effect. the intention is not to create something any individual one. Tendencially we are highly innovative and inter categoral and introduced a lot of diversity into haute couture. You can see that general: our store is not like other stores. it serves not a typical category or variation of that.

 What inspires you? What is your idea on beauty?

SV :  Myself! ;D a parte from that, what is highly feminine, extremely strong but at the same time somehow corruptable and hurtable.

What made you choose Fashion?

SV :  Inner Passion and desire to dress exactly what i wanted to dress.

What has been the best moment of your Fashion career so far?

SV : There is no special one, I would say all since the beginning up to now. You can get very conceptual, almost like in another dimension… 

….So, what is next for you Soraya? im going to ask something you could perhaps answer in few words. Is it okay to say that your work is, or your ideas on dresses are, the possible visualization of the impossible?

SV : yes and no. my focus is more that i like to use the flexibility of the envonment to make things possible i know it can be possible ...

How would you describe the woman who wears VIOLATOR ? 

SV : Woman and man. there is the remarkable tendency that our customers are themself are creatives, experienced and long time sl users ... tendencially non conformists without anti attitudes being conform. people with a real own taste and playful perspective ... a fable for design ...
 Describe in some words - the values of the brand ‘’VIOLATOR’’. 

SV : Violator represents real designer gowns on the highest level. And due to this it keeps true also compared to any offline/rl brand or any other media. If you wear Violator you wear indeed generally a real designer gown.

 What are your plans for the near future? Should we expect a new collection or more releases coming?

SV :  i would say: yes!

 Finally, do you have any fashion advice or styling tips you could give to our readers?

SV : Fashion (like many things) represent often a certain identication code, a kind of desire, imagination - a role you want play. what about trying to play another role especially one you would never consider that it might be you. maybe something you would usually never try out? raise your perspectives and you might see more - also about yourself.

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