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Serene Faith ~MISS VIRTUAL WORLD ♛ 2011~

Continuando con esta edición especial en mi blog sobre nuestras reinas en SL ahora es el turno de Serene Faith nuestra actual Miss Virtual World 2011. La encantadora Serene originaria de Hawai no solo es bellisima, talentosa, y carismatica esta llena de muchas cualidades más digna de una reina. A continuación veamos su entrevistey esto fue lo que Serene nos dijo:

 Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity! I'm truly humbled!
 What was your first thought upon hearing your name announced as MVW?

SF:My honest first thought was: Really? Did that just really happen???It was very surreal. I never thought, suspected or even expected that I would win. My goal was to be in the top 5, so when I had accomplished that, I was very content and happy and ready to go home (LOL!).When the 4th runner up was going to be named, I was pretty sure it was going to be my name, so I had already cammed to the poseball for that positionJ When that didn’t happen, I was sure my name would be mentioned next, so once again, I was ready, and that didn’t happen… Still, I didn’t believe I would be crowned, so when the 2nd runner up was going to be named, I was once again ready… and when that didn’t happen… THEN it dawned on me that maybe… just maybe… it would happen… but next to me was Louise McWhinnie and she is absolutely gorgeous, whom I love very much. I was absolutely sure that she was going to be crowned so when Frolic started to say: And the 1st runner up is………” Once again, I was ready to sit on that pose ball….But then Frolic said Louise’s name, and my jaw literally dropped in RL. I was actually on skype call with Carilynn Ohare (Miss Ireland 2011), Rakusu Aabye (Miss Japan 2011), and Ruby Okelly (Miss Singapore 2011) during the entire finals so I could translate to Rakusu and Ruby, and with Carilynn because she is my best friend and we supported each other during the entire contest and the finals so that if one would crash, we’d let the others know of it, and though I can’t quite remember what exactly happened at that moment… I think the ladies were screaming out of joy for me… I was just shaking my head in RL… my hands were sweating and shaking (LOL), just couldn’t believe it… and I think I kept saying: oh my gosh… oh my gosh…And suddenly I was bombarded with IMs and I was on Viewer 2 and IMs caps after 99J (did you know that? I didn’t, I never got that many IMs, lol)  It hit 99 in less than 1 minute and a message popped up saying IMs got cappedJ I was struggled through the lag and sat on that gorgeous diamond flower and had to search for Frolic’s IM so I could find the crown It was a feeling I never felt before, and an experience I never had before and it was just AMAZING

The MVW pageant is truly held on a worldwide stage. What were your thoughts during the competition?

SF :I was so happy that I was able to become a finalist and meet all these amazing ladies from all over the world. I knew few from before, but through MVW, we were able to deepen our friendships and that was very precious to me. I was particularly very happy that I could help my 2 friends from Japan, Rakusu and Ruby. It didn’t matter to me if we were competing against each other because to be honest, that was not my focus. My focus was to do my best during the entire pageant, to do my best, learn as much as possible, and to become a better stylist. So when my 2 friends needed help with translation, I wanted to be there for them because I knew the pageant was equally important to them as it was for me.Many of 2010 finalists were well known models, stylists, and fashionistas. Luralie Bailey and Leandra Breen had been on Styling Forward, where Luralie won the title of Master Stylist. I could name more but to be honest, all 27 ladies were amazing stylists. To be included in this amazing group of talented people was truly an honor. We were 28 eager ladies from all parts of the world, and to see their styling up-close for each challenge was an amazing experience and a great opportunity to learn.During the entire pageant, my goal was to do my best with each challenge we were given. It was very difficult because sometimes you feel intimidates or not as confident because you know there are so many amazing stylists in the group. But I had to stop thinking about “others” and focus on “me”. What can I do, what do I want, and that’s exactly what I did. I stopped thinking about “competing” against others because of the simple reason that there are 28 girls but only 1 crown and this was something I couldn’t control, but I could control how I styledJ So, I did the best I could and hoped it would be good enough to be in top 5.

 As the face of MVW, who has been your greatest support this year? 
  SF :I have been very fortunate to have so many amazing friends who have helped me and supported me. This didn’t begin after I was crowned Miss VW, but they were there for me throughout my entire modeling journey.Carilynn OHare, Miss Ireland 2011, is my closest and best friend in Second Life. She and I go back to 2009 when we were both new models and struggled to get noticedJ We quickly became great friends and today, she is the one person I completely trust. We supported each other since the very beginning, always encouraging each other, looking at each others styling and giving advice. She became MVW finalist few months before me, and she kept encouraging me not to give up, and even during the MVW pageant, she kept supporting me, giving me the strength to continue. My SL wouldn’t be what it is without her. She is my dearest friend and I love her to death!I have been fortunate to have so many other wonderful friends who supported me, few that I’d like to mention are Tak Kovacs, Sora Tatham (CEO of Agata Models Agency), RENA Vita, Marry Eel, Skip Staheli, and Kay Fairey. Also the 2 former Miss VW’s, Mimmi Boa and Miaa Rebane have been supportive and they made sure that I knew I could contact them anytime I had a questions.When I was crowned Miss VW, I was finally able to get to know Frolic Mills. I had met Frolic when I was attending MVW Academy, but to be honest, he didn’t even remember I had been through his school, LOL! And like he always says when he speaks of MVW 2011, I wasn’t even his favorite, Angels Milena wasJ She is gorgeous and has an amazing style and she was one of my favorites too!! Frolic has been absolutely amazing and supportive and I call him “papa Fro” because he really is a person you can go and talk to, ask for advice as he has an abundance of experience and knowledgeJ Thank you Papa Fro!To be Miss Virtual World, you can not do it alone. I am sure everyone would agree with me that each and one of us have at least one person we can name who has been supportive and been there for us. MVW is the same, before, during, after, we have a group of people who support us and it is so important to never forget appreciation and gratitude toward these people who have helped us. Let’s always remember to be thankful

What will you miss most when you pass on the title?

SF : Absolutely nothing.This experience is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life, SL and RL. It has been a little over 6 months since I was crowned Miss VW and I have had an amazing journey! I have met wonderful people, talented people, had the honor to walk in many amazing shows, judging, meet amazing teenagers and support them, but most of all, I was able to raise funds through Japan Relief Fundraiser and donate to AmeriCares. I have 6 more months to be Miss VW 2011 and what is most important to me, is that when December comes, and it is time for a new amazing lady to be crowned Miss Virtual World 2012, I hope to stand on that stage, to be able to look back at 2011, with no regrets.I will not miss being Miss Virtual World as I was given the opportunity to represent Miss VW for a year and so far, I am not regretting anything. I have 6 more months to work for great causes and in December, I will be ready to give the baton over to the next Miss VW, and it will be her time to shine and do what ever her heart desires.

What are you looking forward to most in the near future?

 SF :Right now, I am planning a Teen Exhibition which will be held in August. This is probably what I am looking forward to but other than that, I don’t have anything planned specifically but something might come up as we goJ I enjoy SL as it is, I enjoy the modeling career that I’ve been fortunate to have, friends that I’ve met, and I hope that I will be able to continue to model, mentor teen population, and meet more amazing people from all over the world as long as I’m active in SL.

Everybody always wants to know-on December, there will be a new MVW. What will be your first words of advice to her ?
  SF :I will tell her what Miss VW 2010, Miaa Rebane told me, which was: “Enjoy your reign” and this is so true. One year goes by amazingly fast and before you know it, it’s time to crown a new Miss VW. I will simply tell the new Miss VW, to enjoy her year of being Miss VW, and she can IM me anytime with anything (and everyone else too). To do what ever she wants but also to take the time to relax and breathe a bit too, as it can get a little bit overwhelming at times.But of course, the very, very first word probably would be: CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  Which competition or event do you remember most?

 SF :All of them. I remember all contests that I entered since 2009 because I learned something new or met someone and each contest and all my SL experience led me to where I am today, Miss Virtual World 2011. They have helped me to grow as a model, and as a person, and every step that I’ve taken helped me to reach my goal, to be in top 5 of the most prestigious, biggest, amazing contest of them all in SL Why I say “top 5” and not Miss VW? Because becoming Miss VW was never my goal. I just didn’t want to be disappointed if I had set that goal and it didn’t happen, but I did meet my goal as I WAS in the top 5J I know, it’s all very strange rationalization. No wonder why my friends call me “nuts” But the competition that meant most to me, were Miss Morea contest. This was my first contest to ever win, and for that reason alone, that contest will be the one I never forget.Buy my proudest accomplishment in SL was of course to be crowned Miss VW. Also something that I will never forget and I don’t think anything can quite top this Japana Relief Fundraiser .As you know, on March 11, 2011, a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the north-east part of Japan. I was raised in Japan, my mother is Japanese, and my grandmother still lives there, so this was something that I personally felt strong about. My grandmother happened to be in Hawaii to visit me at the time and March 11 was my grandmother’s 88th birthday. It was with mixed emotions that we watched the TV and saw how this 124 foot wave consumed everything and everyone, but still grateful that my grandmother was with me and not alone, when this happened.Ji Nirvana and I organized a fundraiser called “Japan Relief Fundraiser” to help Japan. We received an official approval by AmeriCares organization to use their name and logo and we also had amazing sponsors, such as BOSL, Avenue, RGF Estates, BeStyle Magazine, Juuce and Pure Magazine. The sim was generously donated by RGF Estates and over 60 amazing content creators joined this cause to help Japan.The sim was built by the amazing and talented Setsuna Infinity and Sora Tatham, who worked days and night to finish it, and they created an amazing city, a resemblance of Sendai City, which was hit hard by the Tsunami.Builders, bloggers, creators, shoppers, everyone came together to help Japan, and at the end of the 2 weeks fundraising event, we were able to raise L$1,267,088, which was converted to $4,722.72! It was an amazing honor to be able to donate the fund on behalf of JRF, fund which was raised thanks to everyone’s compassion for Japan. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported JRF one way or the other. Thank you!

 What advice do you have for all of our readers who are looking to become MVW?

  SF :To approach the pageant, or any other contests, as a learning opportunity, to meet amazing people, to grow as a model and as a person. My initial goal with MVW at the early stage was to become a finalist. When I didn’t pass the first time, I became even more determined to become a finalist and worked hard every month, till I finally was able to get in. Once I became a finalist, I immediately set a new goal, which was to be in top 5. I knew that it was a long shot, obviously; only 5 out of 28 could be in the top 5…. But still, that’s what I wanted, so I set that goal. Of course, to aim to win the crown is absolutely normal, or we wouldn’t enter the pageant to begin with, but please also remember, that there is only 1 crown. Everyone have an equal opportunity to style and impress. There will be rumors and talk about who will be in the top, last year, a list of names with “Top 10” were released, even though there were no “Top 10” but was changed to “Top 12” as a 2011 calendar were going to be made, or negative talk about the finalists or the pageant in general. But stay focused on why you are in the pageant, to work hard and do your best for each challenge, will be the key. Don’t compare yourself to others. Whether you make it to the top, or win, or don’t, be proud that you made it as a finalist. If you don’t get in as a finalist, be still proud that you didn’t give up, that you most likely learned something new by challenging yourself, and that the MVW pageant will be there next year again. Always remember to have fun!

 Thank you Pily and to all readers for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share with you my experience. Please feel free to IM me anytime if you have any questions, whether it has to do with MVW or contests.

 Thank you for taking the time to read
Serene Faith

Just wanna say Thank you to our lovely MVW 2011 for your time with this interwiev im so sure all our SL comunity its so proud of our cuttest Serene Faith. Good luck and the best wishes now and forever dear ♥

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