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★ ★ ★ Yula Finesmith ★ ★ ★

Yula Finesmith has had an impact on the fashion scene for the last years. She is widely recognised for her delicate and opulent designs, made with the finest of materials.Let's see what she told to me in this lovely interwiev !!!
 How long have you been a jewelry designer?

YF: I have been a jewelry design student since before i came to SL. since when i came to SL i was always making jewelry

What prompted you to start creating jewelry?
YF : Its my real life occupation

What is your design process like?

YF : Thats a interesting question what i really like about being creator/artist/ designer is the freedom to invent my process always all over again. but usualy it start from inspiration- inspiration can be- person/word/song/science facts/object/fade idea and so on.Then trying to translate it into shape or materials that will reflect this idea.Then sketches alittle bit or sometimes right to the prototype in 3d. sometimes i will create it from paper and glue..or play dough. sometimes right in SL either on a body or flat table. In this time i will also create the textures if needed which is most of the time my more time consuming work. creating textures especialy in this last summer has been something i been doing alot and it points out the real quality of items.
the last thing is giving the item to few people while i photo and prepare for release. on this time i wear it too and through the responds i know if i need to change /fix. Then vole' a baby jewelry born :)

 What’s been your greatest success as jewelry designer?

YF : Everything is a succes every step of the way is another stone , every new release, every challenge, every person i meet.
for example yesterday in Miami fashion week i felt its a success- few reasons:
1. most of the people there audience, models, organizers are my friends so i felt home- success to love and feel loved
2. seeing my items on the runway really made me feel like they know how to treat them. the show was elegant and stylish even tho it used many colors - thats hard thing to do. i can really say the beauty of finesmith came out. i was proud to see the jewelry get respect . theres a process designer go through after releasing the item to the crowed ,its not mine anymore- now its yours(the shopper). yesterday it came back to me. the items got the love they deserve - success.
and i do comsider success making jewelry for the finest models in SL, Finest fashionistas.
and beauty queens- im making niow the crown for Miss Costa rica 2012, i made the crown for miss Mundo shena Neox and many more during this yearalso working with the highest appriciated fashion agencys. i can say yes finesmith succeed and thats thanks to mutual realations.

Where do you hope to take your jewelry line in the future?

YF : For the next fall im working on new avant line , some edge, unexpected shapes, alot of black some coral. in general i wopuld like to see finesmith ofer more to the crowed- i will never leave the creative concept creating but i am trying to offer some casual affordable items as requested by finesmith group members - i think its important to listen to trends and bring it in the designer vision. and some of my group members also ask for it.i really see finesmith growing . i will also have some wedding rings release soon :D

 Your jewelry is so unique, how did you get in to it??

YF : Before i went to design school i used to make hindi mala- makrame, necklaces with smi precious stones. then i went to design school and the process there with making dozens of items every week, creating in every possible media, touching so many material, massive art study and living in the big city...coming from small town, ethnic background of my family, the place i grew up in as concept even. all this things create mentality, thoughts, imagination that through design i manage to bring it out.Its again mutuality of our life one thing leads to another and create a circle. this circle start with creating/ wanting to create and end with creation , then the circulation repeat only the data changes like evulution.

How does it feel to see people wearing your designs?

YF : It feels good . it feels like the goal is achieved its vital. i enjoy seeing what people do with what i make how they style it in their outfit. It  tells me some about their personal style. seeing people wearing anything and expresing themself fashion wise is very inspiering . but when people wear my creation its easier for me to see a new item in my mind. What they do is wear my idea and combine it with theirs so languages merge its very interesting kind of making me sound crazy....^^ . but it really work this way many times.
  Of all your designs, which is your favorite?

YF : Always the next one im going to release/create,  what wasnt born yet get my ultimate love.
 If you could get one person to wear your designs, who would it be?

YF : Hahaha YOU!

Isnt she lovely???? i think everygirl in the fashion worl on SL wanna be the Yula Finesmith Inspiration or no girls?? ( Smiles ).What can I say? Her designs are AWESOME!!!
Thank you Yula for this really awesome interwiev im so sure all SL love you and love everyone of your exquisites designs. Best wishes now and forever ♥

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