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Jenny Waydelich ♛ Miss America Latina 2011

Tuve la fatástica idea de conocer un poco más sobre algunas reinas de SL una de ella es Jenny Waydelich una hermosa y dulce jóven que hace pocos meses ganó la primera edición de MISS AMERICA LATINA 2011 personalmente y como candidata que fuí me siento orgullosa de que Jenny sea la portadora de este titulo una gran chica trabajadora con carisma humilde digna de su titulo de reina. A continuación le hice algunas preguntas que si bien es cierto estan en inglés porque nuestra querida Miss America Latina es originaria de Brazil. Debo confesar que esta entrevista fue super emotiva para mi cuando lei sus respuestas dije wow que carisma que dulzura y que carisma tiene Jenny cualidades que hacen que ella sea una verdadera reina...veamos que fue lo que ella respondio.....

For Pily: Pilly would like to thank the dear memory of my person in this new phase of your work ^^ I feel honored by the opportunity and wish for u every luck and success, you are very dear!

What was your first thought upon hearing your name announced as Miss America Latina?
 JW: Do not believe it! I just was thinking that the winner would be Miss Belize (she very pretty that day^^)  and was just waiting to know where to go ... where to put me on stage (laughs) when I called, I do not know if im laugh or cry in rl, was one of mixed emotions... but im so happy... i never win something here and when i won, is just this contes, the first contes made for latin womans in second life... im very very very proud in acquire this title!! Won the first edition, after all rehearsals, tests, see the dresses, poses... sometimes dont sleep working i all... its is amazing, im so proud!!
 Most girls dream of being Miss America Latina, and yet, that is an elite title tahat you have held. You are obviously a beautiful,talented, and confident woman with a lot to offer. Many women, however,struggle with self-confidence.What would you say to them?
 JW: I just can said for do not be discouraged if you do not win or if the result is not expected, but take this as a lesson and try to see what to improve, we must go certain that we are performing and doing our best ever.

The Miss America Latina competition brings together women from all America and Spain. what was most exciting for you in meeting these women during the competition?
JW: I was surprised at the Latin community and its strength. I was always very focused on my activities leaving little for sl, and in this competition I discovered another world! alive and passionate women who love to talk, strong and warriors and  fun, I realized that the Latin style of dress is more colorful, rich, different than I was accustomed to do and see ... very interesting! liked to have made friendships there that have lasted to this day, we met at other competitions, in shows, events, graduations and it's always a party! I feel honored for the opportunity to have participated in and met so many wonderful people! s2!!
 What advice will you give to your succer next year?
JW: I can only say to enjoy all the best to be chosen Miss America Latina can offer! Take the time to add new friends and learn more about fashion and life in Second Life! the rest is happening, whitouth a plan! (im not good with palings here ... i just live day after day...) And the experience is fantastic! And do it all with heart, forever ... be attentive to details, they are what lead you to victory!

What are you goals and dreams for this year?
 JW: This year's been pretty good! Winning made ​​me known, I was invited to some modeling, mostly ads, I was invited to teach modeling a renowned academy, and working in Costa Rica fashion blog... work dont miss, believe me!!! (laughs)! I participated too in another contest made for the Latin community, I was very happy to be among the top 10 selected, and hopefully have a good placement in other contests ... always keeping my style.

What are you looking forward to most in the near future?
JW:  For the next year, after passing the crown of Miss America Latina for the next girl (im so excited waiting for when the new contest starts! and i like to help teh girls with tips, style, run ...all... i expect do this, Im feeling better do this!!) , I intend to continue with the Fashion Blog of Costa Rica Sims and I have a new project for personal blog ... I am in the process of structuring, thinking slowly, but it will be something different ^^ and fun!!  Meanwhile I am open to all opportunities that arise.

Describe yourself in tthree adjectives and explain why.
Humm..hard...only 3 words? O.o oki, I will try...
maybe... perfectionist, dreamer and loyal.

 Im virgo in horoscope (I believe in horoscopes - lol) and I am very attentive to detail, perfectionist...more than sometimes i like (lol) am kind of criticism and stop me much ... I do not like to do a job to do, everything has its reason, is thought and analysis ... and if it is ugly or not what I thought would do it again ... I am too demanding! I'm dreaming, because we are all here in SL ... I love designing my dresses for competition, they dream, Surveys ... I know that I work for the designers (laughs), but when I think of something I already see the end result ... often find myself daydreaming in my work with the beautiful things in SL ...
I am loyal, there's not much to say about it. Who has my friendship knows he can always count on me ... Infelimente already believed a lot of people here, but as good dreamer, I still believe ... do not give up!

 Is there anything that youd'd like our readers to learn from you?
JW:  Sure... ;) I encourage all people who wish to participate in contests or grnades be models. Do not be discouraged with not one, not follow standards, follow your heart ... sight of what you feel good, which brings you confidence to go to a contest, look good gyms, do not be afraid to invest in you, because nobody will invest in you ... do everything for you here ... do not expect results if you earn they will come ... the ultimate reward in all this is always able to look back and say: I did my best, I'm fine!

Y como ven esta fue nuestra querida Miss America Latina Jenny Waydelichme me siento muy orgullosa de ti Jenny estas llenas de cualidades que te hacen una verdadera Reina. Bella por dentro y bella por fuera. Te deseo todo lo mejor este año que aún empieza para ti muchos triunfos y éxitos porque te los mereces por ser como eres. Besos wapisima y mil gracias por tu aporte para este post ♥

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